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9 Jan 2009

MPlayer for Windows is definitely one valuable element in movie watching. Now that it has an interface it is more appealing to the users than ever. I still have the GUI-less application at home and I use it whenever GOM Player refuses to play something. It asks you no questions, it can either play the video file or not. You do not need any video codec installed on your computer as the filters it comes equipped with do their job perfectly.


2 Nov 2015

Anyone who needs to track instances of a name or keyword online in their career absolutely needs to try Mention and should consider paying for a Lite or Pro account. The Enterprise subscription is extremely expensive, though. It's at least triple what I would have expected. Mention does go above and beyond Google Alerts, making it an Editors' Choice in a niche category with few other quality contenders. But even if you use it, I wouldn't turn off Google Alerts just yet...


27 Oct 2008

Acronis is well-known for its backup and imaging tools and Acronis Migrate Easy gives users another reason to trust this company with their most precious documents.

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Not every format is completely compatible, though. Nevertheless, 7 Faces Of Dr.lao Torrent offers as much as any top word processor. Impress is a presentation wizard, while Draw is a capable graphics editor. Calc is OpenOffice.org's Excel-compatible spreadsheet tool, and Base generates and accesses databases via the Database Wizard. Math is one of OpenOffice.org's advantages over Office: it's a standalone equation editor that can also insert formulas as objects into Writer. BlueScreenView automatically scans your system's minidump files as soon as you start it, though you can refresh the program while it's running. BlueScreenView's user interface is divided horizontally into two list views: an upper window displaying Dump Files and a lower pane for displaying each file's contents. We could rearrange the column headings by dragging them and add or remove headings with the Choose Columns tool on the View menu. We could also add grid lines to the view, mark odd and even rows, generate HTML reports, and save data. We could open a properties sheet for individual entries or right-click to access a more extensive menu of choices, including copy and delete options. The Options menu includes a Lower Pane Mode menu that let us specify what data is shown in the bottom window, including raw data DumpChk Output, All Drivers, and other options. Daemon Tools Lite's user interface is plain and simple but with an efficient layout that is crisply rendered. The larger of two windows displays your Image Catalog; below it, a narrow window displays your added drives, starting with the first virtual drive. Daemon Tools Lite creates two types of virtual drive: DT virtual devices, which offer basic emulating capabilities, and SCSI virtual devices, which emulate discs with special signatures such as security locks. Most users will find DT virtual devices sufficient for day-to-day use. The toolbar separating the upper and lower windows contains all of Daemon Tools Lite's controls, starting with Add Image controls. We could mount and unmount images, add DT and SCSI virtual devices, remove existing virtual drives, and create disc images. A Preferences tool let us configure everything from Hotkeys to Confirmations. Velcro wrist braces. Padded keyboard rests. Office chairs like beach balls on steroids. All ergonomically designed to prevent and treat workplace repetitive strain injuries (RSI) like carpal tunnel syndrome caused by sitting and typing all day, every day. One of the best things you can do about RSI is to make the problem part of the solution. 7 Faces Of Dr.lao Torrent collects a variety of ergonomic tools in one easy-to-use package. Its Break 7 Faces Of Dr.lao Torrent uses realistic models to suggest stretch breaks when you need them and leave you alone when you don't. The Auto7 Faces Of Dr.lao Torrentk tool cuts down on mouse clicks, and the KeyControl's macros help reduce keystroke. The DataLogger's statistics can help you understand how and when you use your PC, and handy ForgetMeNots issue regular reminders about posture, stretching, and other ergonomic aids. RSIGuard is free to try for 45 days. File Recovery Assist's installer makes the important recommendation of not installing the program on the same drive you want to recover files from or risk losing data -- perhaps permanently. That may require planning if you need to do more than recover files from an emptied Recycle Bin. While File Recovery Assist's colorful, compact interface is functionally similar to other tools of its type, including its view of our drives and scan controls, the fonts are often quite different, especially those used on the interface, controls, and buttons. We scanned our drives, selected one, and expanded the tree view displaying the re

Now version 2 makes a great product even better, adding Light7 Faces Of Dr.lao Torrent burner support, direct scan for copying CD labels and covers, a faster editor and many more powerful new features--all without making the program any more complicated to use. You don't even need to do any designing because Ashampoo Cover Studio 2 comes with even more ready-to-use themes. You just choose a theme, enter your text and print. It couldn't be easier. Or you can create your own great designs and save them as templates that you can reuse just like the built-in themes. If you've always wished you could produce discs with attractive labels then give Ashampoo Cover Studio a try. SystemUp Defrag's slick, competent interface is typical of disk maintenance utilities and system cleaners, and it's more attractive than most, with clearly labeled functions and a prominent Help Center icon on the Taskbar. In addition to standard options like fast or deep scan, SystemUp has lots of useful extras, such as the ability to set specific start and end times for defrag sessions, choose parallel or sequential defragmentation, and adjust settings to handle "space hogs" on your disks. You can also set the program to regularly defragment your disks, but only if they need it. SystemUp's best feature is the good old graphical progress display with its colorful data clusters, last seen in XP and MIA in Vista and 7. SystemUp even improves that old favorite with new options. How much time have you spent searching through program folders and file repositories for the product key to a piece of software that you need to update or reinstall? Something that seems like it ought to be as easy as finding the tag of your shirt or your car's VIN instead becomes more like unraveling the Da Vinci Code. Help is available in the form of Miscsoftware's Product Key Viewer Professional, a utility that automatically locates the product keys in more than 1,000 Windows and other software products. It quickly returns any user data, activation keys, and license information on your installed apps and utilities. It can help average users keep better tabs on their software, but it can also lighten the load of network administrators who manage software license compliance. Rather than a standard control bar, 7 Faces Of Dr.lao Torrent includes a separate Control window that houses the main recording and playback controls. This window also features

Confrontation is a last resort. Infected swarm with terrifying ferocity, clawing and snarling as they seek their next meal. The uninfected are just as deadly. With diplomacy not an option, they pursue and flank, firing high-powered rifles or swinging deadly axes, undeterred that they are trying to slaughter a middle-aged man and a young girl. Death is fast and bloody, so you slink through the shadows, staying out of sight to live another day. Familiars level separately from their handlers, so the majority of battles end with a pronouncement that at least one pet or another has gained a level. (Fortunately, your 9 active pets gain experience even if you don't order them into combat.) The constant notifications give you a great sense of progress, which is important given the amount of grinding needed to keep a decent number of creatures ready for battle. Newly-captured familiars are weaklings, and it takes time to get them in tip-top shape. And even after spending significant time with them, some familiars just aren't that effective, rarely (if ever) getting used because there are battle-ready creatures that you've already leveled up. As a result, you'll probably have a number of reliable pets you keep with you at all times, and will switch out a few other slots here and there to take advantage of particular magical skills--or just for the thrill of seeing a new pet in action. But with friends and other communicative allies, you can bring out the best in Dust 514. A well-placed sniper, a healer at the ready, a heavy weapons specialist, and a couple of large tanks make a formidable attack force. There are moments of excitement during close matches, particularly in Domination (one of four by-the-numbers game modes), in which teams wrestle for control of multiple capture nodes. There's joy in joining a small infiltration squad and capturing peripheral nodes as the larger skirmish rages around another node. And because you still must wait for a virus to finish uploading even after you've interacted with the terminal, it's best to stick around for a while, lest the enemy swoop in and undo your hard work. Some of the tensest moments occur in such scenarios, with one team desperately defending a node still in the process of uploading its virus, knowing that the entire match could hinge on the outcome of the battle. Healthy individuals are a bigger threat than the prowling infected. Military units and paranoid gangs hinder your escape to freedom, and are willing to gun down unknown strangers without so much as a word to figure out your motivations. Humans are more predictable than zombies, so you don't have to be scared that they're going to unexpectedly change direction. However, with guns at the ready, they can kill you just as quickly, and from a long distance away if you're not careful. Problems do exist that lessen the thrill of the fight. Your enemies are not the sharpest people around. 7 Faces Of Dr.lao Torrent behind a corner and snap some poor sap's neck, leaving his lifeless body on the ground. When the next guard walks up, you might expect him to sound the alarm upon seeing his friend. But he often doesn't care, and so you kill again. Other times, you may be dramatically strangling a man only a few meters away from a living guard, and yet you remain unseen. One such device is a drone that you remotel

There's a steady curve as you progress through the game; you start finding rarer, shinier, more powerful stickers, which are also often larger, taking up more of the finite space in your album. It's satisfying to start harnessing the power of these stronger stickers and to become more skilled and efficient in your use of stickers as you advance. For a while. Although Testament gets off to a roaring start with corpses, mad poisoners, and cemetery exploration, everything settles down to more of a traditional Holmesian romp by about the midway point of the game. Yet this isn't a letdown. Too much blood would have given the game a slasher-film vibe that would go against the premise of the adventure series and the characters of Holmes and Watson as set forth by Conan Doyle in the late 1800s. And it isn't as though the story coasts to a finish. On the contrary, this is the most involved game in the entire series, packed with the appearances of many of Holmes' most noteworthy heroes and villains, loads of puzzles, and numerous conversations that establish mood and deepen the portrayals of both the leads and the walk-ons. The script is excellent, as are the voice-acting performances. This is one game that you could enjoy just sitting back to watch. That's especially true for boss battles, which range from the outrageously easy to the excruciatingly difficult. Sometimes, all you need to do is to grind up a few levels. Other times, frustration comes from cheap, one-hit kill moves that bosses spam at you ad nauseam. Aside from hurling your 3DS across the room in a fit of rage, there's little else you can do but plough through it and hopefully luck out and dodge your way to victory. Frantic battles also highlight how awkward it is to switch between spells using the D-pad. If all that stands between you and victory is a quick heal, then having to perform a finger-twisting contortion with your right hand while your left tries desperately to dodge attacks with the circle pad is a hellish experience. The Circle Pad Pro is supported, but this does little more than let you move the camera up and down, rather than side-to-side using the shoulder buttons. Dyad's main campaign ends with a wonderful stage that removes all challenge and lets your senses fully take over. It's a pleasant conclusion to an entertaining and clever game. But if you came looking to show off some skill, you'll enjoy the Trophy version of each level. To unlock the Trophy stage, you must earn three stars on the standard stage. To complete the new stage, and earn the accompanying trophy, you perform very specific, sometimes incredibly difficult tasks. You must heed the time limit, come to a complete stop, or graze a certain number of enemies, in addition to meeting other criteria. The trophy stages can take a good bit of time and exertion to complete, and each one requires you to reset your brain and learn the rhythm of the challenge. Failing at the 99% mark after 15 previous unsuccessful attempts might break your heart. But once you leap that hurdle, you're overcome with elation. One thing Tiny Troopers does a little differently and manages to get right is the way power-ups tie directly in to the scoring mechanic. Racking up kills and collecting loot earns you command points that you can spend to temporarily boost your fighting capabilities and call in reinforcements. Before each stage, purchasing cheaper one-of

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